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Getting high accuracy on the test set has always been the end goal, especially while tackling a classification problem. This attitude led me to a pretty decent accuracy on a multi-class classification problem. The imbalance in the dataset did not seem to decrease the accuracy so I had ignored the imbalance problem. However, on looking at the distribution of the predictions, it was clearly visible that the model blindly predicted the class with the maximum number of occurrences in the imbalanced dataset. …

I always skim read the dot product module of my calculus course. Never really paying attention to its meaning. Another thing that has become a habit due to my laziness is that I read the solutions to math questions without actually practising them…

Not going to bore you more by actually trying to explain to you the concept of the Dot Product and fail at it. Since, I still might not have understood it.

However, I like tricking people with math puzzles. The following one can come in quite handy. So this is how the problem goes:

Step1: Give your…

Nikhil Nanda

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